Micro Cabin

The Micro Cabin provides a relaxing weekend escape and a comfortable home base for exploring the surrounding landscape. The angled wall and sloped roof visually expand the efficient interior focusing views up the hill to the west. The lofted sleeping area takes advantage of the steep slope of the site to provide some of the best views to higher ground. The screened porch and deck are arranged as an extension of the interior space offering the cabin a bright, spacious feel. Ample storage lining one wall keeps the cabin clutter-free. A central island doubles as a kitchen table and gathering space.

The materials compliment the wooded site while lending the interior a simple warmth. The deck and roof, the horizontal planes defining the space of the cabin, are cement board and decking that are easily maintained. The board and batten siding and wood posts establish a relationship to the surrounding tree trunks. The wood interior avoids the artificiality of any painted surfaces and the wood framing provides for simple construction.

Although off-the-grid, the cabin incorporates cost-effective comforts like a composting toilet, a solar-powered light fixture, a wood burning stove with cooktop and an ice chest. Plumbing could be added but a well, rainwater filtration or connections to city water would exceed the budget.

The cabin maintains a modern, elegant simplicity appropriate to the surrounding landscape. The efficiency of the design allow a small space to feel gracious even with guests. Durable materials and simple comforts are both cost effective and sustainable minimizing the cabin’s impact on its setting.


  • Monterey, MA