Berkshire House

When our New York City clients go to their weekend home in the Berkshires, they want to feel immersed in nature whether they were out for a hike, or in their house. To create this effect, we sited the house on a rock outcropping so that the windows are level with the middle of the adjacent trees. The cantilevered deck allows you to feel like you are in a tree house. No mater where you are in the house, you can see a tree nearby.

Quality was more important than size, so the house is as efficient as possible. The living room has 4 large sliding doors, so it can double as a screened in porch. The entire house is only 900sf but has a loft which functions as a second bedroom.

We find that the internal contrasts are the most successful part of the project. While the form is dramatic, the materials where designed to relate to the environment. The vertical strips of the windows, with their dark gray panels between them, relate to the color and orientation of the trees which surround the house. That said, the form itself sets the house apart from the land.


  • Monterey, MA