Krupka Residence

The design of the Krupka residence was driven by the planned structural system. The owner plans to construct the house himself and was attracted to insulated concrete forms (ICF.) Since ICF is simplest when building a rectangular building, we developed the design in terms of the minimum number of moves that could transform a box into something dynamic.

The cantilevered deck, roof overhang and the large window opening on the southwest corner are simple moves that dramatically alter the building’s form. The deck and overhang extend the form out, and create voids between them, as if the space was carved away. The head and sill of the windows on the south west corner relate to the roof pitch and slope of the site respectively to create the impression that the house is opening up.

With tight budgets, we attempt to get the most impact out of a minimum number of design moves. This not only leads to lower budgets, but also design clarity.


  • Monterey, MA