Riseboro Housing

The design of the Riseboro Housing Department brings clarity to the organization of space, creating more cohesion between staff members and a better experience for clients.  Over the years, Riseboro combined three buildings to attain sufficient space but these ad-hoc renovations left departments isolated and clients confused about what services were housed within the building.  Our strategy was twofold: revise the layout to simplify the circulation paths and introduce orienting architectural elements.

The revised layout removes the existing twists and turns, allowing the occupants to see the full length of the two major axes. This increased visual clarity reduces the isolation between departments.  To further unify the building, we introduced three dark wood objects that are visible throughout the space. In the reception area, we designed a wood reception area to welcome clients. In the rear of the space, we designed a long wood object that forms a collaboration table for the staff. To connect the first and second floors, we clad the elevator shaft in the same dark wood.  The improved circulation pathways and the architectural objects bring cohesion and clarity to the Riseboro Housing Department.


  • Brooklyn, NY